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This site was designed in consideration of those considering a gastric intervention procedure for weight loss, comparing multiple procedures with each other, and, possibly, with some non-surgical methods. Which should you choose?

Well, this is an information site that does not have a mission to take a position on any particular procedure. This question is strictly for a patient to answer, in consultation with his/her weight loss team of family, physicians, personal trainers, dieticians, and health insurance company representatives.

Whatever decision is ultimately reached, the primary question an obese man or woman will ask himself or herself is:

Is Gastric Bypass Right for Me?

If you have tried and failed several times with other attempts at weight loss then gastric bypass may be the solution. Gastric bypass should be viewed as a last resort when other weight loss methods have been tried without success. Doctors recommend the surgery for people who are morbidly obese with a body mass index (BMI) of 40 or higher between the ages of 18 and 65.

Gastric Bypass – Change and Commitment

Because a strict diet and exercise program must be followed after gastric bypass you have to be fully aware and committed to the changes you have to make. A gastric bypass changes the digestive system drastically. The stomach is stapled or banded to form a small pouch, and you can only eat very small portions of food. Eating smaller portions helps you lose a lot of weight, but you must stick to this type of diet or you may get sick and/or gain your weight back. You must also regularly exercise to help get and keep the weight off.

Gastric Bypass – Change and Benefit

Gastric bypass patients can lose up to 70-80 percent of excess weight within the first 2 years after surgery. Proper diet and exercise habits have to be incorporated into your life, though, in order to fully benefit from the procedure. Getting a gastric bypass gives you a boost with weight loss and from there you have to continue with the regimen you and your doctor agree will work for you.

Talk to your doctor about all the facts and details of gastric bypass. Along with your doctor other people such as fitness trainers, nutritionists, and support groups are there to support you before and after getting the procedure done. If you know you can handle the surgery and the required lifestyle change that follows then gastric bypass may be for you.

Because bariatric specialists, typically, will not consider gastric bypass surgery for obese patients unless all other types of treatment have stopped working, it is necessary to be aware of other treatment alternatives. Weight management efforts with diet and workout must be attempted and failed before a stomach bypass is seriously considered.

There are many other options for losing 100s of lbs for many people who are still healthy enough to lose weight through lifestyle changes involving carefully considered food consumption and regular exercise. Of course, some people obsess about their weight even when it is not an issue for their health nor their appearance; in such cases, the best “weight loss alternative” action may be simply to offer yourself some grace.

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